Company Introduction

ChangZhou LABOO Purification Technology Co.,Ltd. is a gas-based science and technology enterprises, the main products: Oxygen series, Hydrogen products, Nitrogen products, the company has strictly quality assurance system and develops its own product enterprise standards, ensure that customers have high-quality products and perfect after-sales service, of them the membrane oxygen machine, VPSA oxygen concentrator and pressure swing adsorption device made in the LABOO are rated as high-tech products.

Our company occupies 18 acres, the total construction area is 7,200 square meters, and the registered capital is 15 million, we have more than 100 outstanding employees, numbers of senior technical experts and technical personnels.In the production and sales of over ten years, we have provided quality products and services for the thousands of users.Advise, with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other industry leaders we have maintained close long-term relationship. We have an excellent quality, professional and efficient construction team, and at any time for our customers.

Our company is located in the economically developed in the Yangtze River Delta cities, with the superior development environment and relying on air separation technology for a decade of painstaking research,applications experience and consistent innovation, we always provide our customers with more economic, more reliable, more convenient and standardized products and professional system solutions for gas plants. LABOO gas system is widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical industry, coal industry, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, automobile industry, plastic industry, glass industry, food industry and electronic industry and other industries.

Our company has an outstanding team of the rich experience and professionalism that can provide you with a professional before, during, after-sales service. Our sales manager can be based on your condition and the conditions of specific analysis, make scientific, reliable, cost of recommend services; LABOO engineers and manufacturing personnel make the advanced technology and the perfect manufacturing technology fully reflected in every system of LABOO GAS; LABOO's after-sales service system and customer service philosophy ensure that each device sold and the first time by improving the service, and ensure that each system can maintain a good working condition.